Give. Love. Dove: How The Beauty Brand Is Giving Back To The Community During The COVID-19 Crisis

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Give. Love. Dove: How The Beauty Brand Is Giving Back To The Community During The COVID-19 Crisis

The beauty and skincare company is giving back to frontline workers and families in more ways than one.

Published April 25, 2020

Written by Soraya Joseph

Recently Dove rolled out their 'Responding With Care' relief efforts and support initiative. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the body and skincare company has taken strides to help give back in a number of ways, including honoring healthcare workers, donating funds to the community and extending at-home support for families. 

  1. Care From Dove

    Dove recently revealed their #CareFromDove relief initiative, which honors health care workers, as well as gives direct community support by way of various in-brand partnerships.

    This month, Dove debuted their 'Courage is Beautiful' short film, recognizing the selfless, self-sacrificing and heroic efforts of healthcare workers on the frontlines. The visual project was intended to raise awareness on the grim realities of those risking their lives daily, for our safety.

    In partnership with sister-brand Vaseline, Dove also made a $2M donation to Direct Relief, to go towards PPE, ventilators and medicines for healthcare workers on the front lines.The skincare company is also working with Direct Relief to donate additional personal care products to hospitals and health care centers in the US, following a 200,000 mask donation to local hospitals in New Jersey.

    Dove also pledged $2.5M worth of products to Feeding America as part of Unilever’s global commitment to donate over $100M worth of products and food to those who need it most.. 


    As important as it is to help those on the frontlines, Dove understands that good health starts with habits, and habits start at home.

    While the skincare and bodywash company's motto has always centered around cleanliness, Dove recently introduced its #WashToCare initiative, with Dove emphasizing the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Along with an increase in TV ad-spots, serving as daily reminders to wash our palms, Dove has also released a set of helpful tips to keep us so fresh, and so clean.

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  3. Self Esteem At Home

    While attention to physical health is at an all time high these days, mental health is equally as important to our overall well-being. Thankfully, Dove understands that.

    Last month, the brand introduced its "Self-Esteem Project," after a recent study revealed that "7 in 10 girls believe media and advertising set unrealistic beauty standards." Dove decided to help change this narrative by creating a series of uplifting vlogs, hosted by Nadz and Grace of The Self Esteem Team.

    Along with the series, Dove also has its ongoing #SelfEsteemAtHome project, which includes tools and programs to support teachers, parents, guardians and caregivers tasked with remote learning to reach teens and young people with self-esteem and mental health education while schools are closed.

    In addition to these free online tools and resources, Dove will launch a 4-episode series to reach teens directly on social media with accredited self-esteem education. Topics will cover: Wellbeing at Home, Using Social Media Wisely and Building Body Confidence. Find out more here.

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