Black Owned Extension Brand Mayvenn Is Helping In Maintain Your Tresses While In Quarantine

Mayvenn Hair

Black Owned Extension Brand Mayvenn Is Helping In Maintain Your Tresses While In Quarantine

They now have a line of wigs and clip-ins.

Published May 18th

While some of us were left wondering what to do with our hair since being in at home in quarantine, Black-owned human hair company, Mayvenn had something for us!

Mayvenn is an extensions brand started by Diishan Imira in 2012 that immediately found success due to its strategy of partnering with hair stylists to offer them marketing (building websites), online support, and a cut of sales (15% as of last year). In 2018, the brand announced a $23 million dollar investment that would “go towards marketing to customers and stylists, and developing new package deals that combine hair sales with styling services from stylists within the network, at lower cost,” Forbes reported. And in July of last year, Mayvenn delivered on that promise, joining the rewardStyle platform and launching the aforementioned FREE Install Program.

The rundown on the program is quite simple. Customers get a completely free hair installation when they buy three or more bundles of Mayvenn virgin human hair, frontals or closures. As the website puts it, “That’s a shampoo, condition, braid down, sew-in, and style, all on us.”

The site even helps you find stylists in your area and offers style inspo so you know exactly what bundles to choose to get your desired look. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused hair salons around the US to close, Mayvenn launched its Clip-In extension’s that can be installed at home. With Mayvenn’s clip in’s, you can create an at-home salon that will have your hair slayed and at a reasonable price! They have set ranging from $179.99 - $229.99.

We tried them out and let’s just say, we’re no longer missing those 4-hour trips to the hair salon.

Click here to learn more about the Mayvenn’s Clip-in hair extension’s.

Written by Tira Urquhart

(Photo: GETTY)


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