The Khloe Effect?: Instagram Users Seek Passing A Law That Discloses When A Photo Has Been Retouched

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The Khloe Effect?: Instagram Users Seek Passing A Law That Discloses When A Photo Has Been Retouched

Twitter is buzzing about the proposed law.

Published September 2nd

Written by BET Staff

A few weeks ago, Keeping Up With Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian came under fire for a photo she had posted months ago. Recent footage of the E! show that has amassed decades of fame and fortune for the family surfaced, and people were varying degrees of furious to discover that Khloe's face looked, well, different

It's no secret that retouching is a process that many photographers employ to achieve the desired effect of perfection, and as regular people become professionals via their iphones, they too have adopted similar methods. Lately, though, it seems that influencers are appearing more CGI than real. 

Sick of overly photoshopped images popping up on your Instagram timeline? You’re not the only one. 

Twitter is buzzing with news that a proposed law in the UK could require celebrities using the social media platform to label their retouched photos.

“Proposed law in UK would make celebrities label as ‘edited’ photos posted to Instagram that are photoshopped,” Senior Executive at NBCUniversalMike Sington.

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This may prove to be a hindrance for celebrities and social media influencers who use photo editing apps to enhance their posts to sell products and get more likes. 

According to the tweet, “Member of Parliament: ‘Edited photos on Instagram are fueling a mental health crisis because they’re creating a warped sense of beauty.’”

At this time, there are no updates on the proposed law. 

In the meantime, we're curious. What are your thoughts about digitally manipulated photos receiving a label? Share your feelings with us! 

(Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


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