Moniece Slaughter Goes Topless To Prove That She's Not Bleaching Her Skin

Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter Goes Topless To Prove That She's Not Bleaching Her Skin

She took to Instagram to defend herself against naysayers.

Published November 4th

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Moniece Slaughter took to Instagram to defend herself after sharing part of her skincare routine. One of the products that she used allegedly contained kojic acid, which is typically used in skin-bleaching products.  Her comments section has since been filled with people accusing her of bleaching her skin, which has forced her to address the topic, denying it wholeheartedly.

"Just woke up. Haven’t even washed my face. ZERO filter of ANY sort," wrote Moniece in a gallery of pictures where she shows her skin color on her chest, legs, and more. "1st pic: my chest that gets ZERO sunlight. Compared to my arms & hands. My chest is MY WINTER COLOR PERIOD GET OVER IT!! So I’m going to bleach my face but not my lips. I’m going to bleach my face but not my chest, arms, hands, legs, & feet?"

She went on to deny using any products containing kojic acid, and tagged all of the dermatologists she goes to and specifying that they are all people of color. 

"I have ZERO desire to be white. NONE," clarified Moniece. "If I could hold on to my summer tans I would. Y’all see me on tv under lighting that is altered in post edit and tons of makeup down to my neck chest shoulders and arms. Literally. And swore that was my natural color. It’s flat out insulting. Not you. But those who INSIST THAT I BLEACH."

The reality TV star proceeded to post another photo from back in February showing off her skin tone. Her caption read: "Never forget. Back in February. Day before Valentine’s Day to be exact. Face. Neck. Chest. Arms. Hands. Legs. ALLLLLL THE SAME LIGHT COLOR. WHICH IS LIGHTER THAN I AM NOW DUMMIES," she explained. "'It’s the bleaching for me!' How bout it’s the fake news for me. Keep your gossip in the gutter where you belong you stupid bitches! And ima keep defending myself til y’all leave me alone."

She made sure to defend herself against the trolls. She says that she doesn't bleach, so that's that!

Written by BET Staff

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