Kmart Renames Plus Sized Clothing 'Fabulously Sized' And Twitter Is Not Having It

Kmart Renames Plus Sized Clothing 'Fabulously Sized' And Twitter Is Not Having It

Ehhh...that's a plot twist.

Published September 13, 2017

Sometimes a good intention can be interpreted very wrong. Kmart may have made a total blunder with the rolling out of their new campaign because the people are not here for it!

As a part of their new body-positivity campaign, "I Can," the retailer announced earlier this week that they would no longer be calling their clothing collection for full-figured women “plus sized,” instead replacing it with “fabulously sized.”

Although there were countless amounts of love and support for the fresh new push for loving the body you’re in, it seems like people are not trying to hear it.

Following the release of the campaign, folks flocked to Twitter to give their thoughts about the new trend. Let’s just say it didn’t fit their vibes. 

@TheAceTJShow as someone who is plus-sized, I'm kind of insulted that #Kmart thinks they need to change the name to fabulous sized. Really??

— Katie Holmes (@KatiePSU) September 12, 2017

Please kill me if this term catches on so I never have to deal with my clothing being referred to as "fabulouslysized". #Kmart

— Jesse P (@whatjessewore) September 12, 2017

Reinventing the wheel? Not broke Why fix. PLUS SIZE IS A BRAND. #Kmart Better choices exist #extendedsize #generousfit #everycurve #branding

— Chasing Retail (@ChasingRetail) September 12, 2017

It seems as if people feel that there is no reason to change the name. It's more important that the clothing looks good and fits well than what it's named. Excellent points! Either way, we still love the positive body talk.

While the name change may not be getting all rave reviews, we're sure that the newly extended sizes from Kmart labels, which include Jaclyn Smith and Basic Edition, and Kmart brand's Intimates and Attention Plus will be a great addition. We are pleased that they have created a wide range of sizes that include up to 4X/5X.  

Did we mention that there will be no borders when it comes to shopping? Kmart aims to make it easier to shop for plus-size clothing as it will be mixed with women's clothing. Thoughts? 

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: K-Mart)


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