Celebs And Runways Agree: Orange Really Is The New Black

Celebs And Runways Agree: Orange Really Is The New Black

Get inspo on how to spice up your wardrobe with fall's hottest color.

Published September 22, 2017

An ancient proverb once said, "Rihanna determines every godd**n trend." Truer words have never been spoken. Just yesterday we compiled every single millennial pink outfit she's ever worn. For those not hip to the trend, it was first noticed that baby pink was sweeping the scene in August 2016, perhaps stemming from the fact that "Rose Quartz" was named Pantone's Color of the Year 2016 in the company's predictive trend report released in December 2015.

Come March of this year, "millennial pink" was a veritable trend and didn't seem to be going anywhere soon. And though the most recent runways haven't given up on the romantic hue in the slightest, a new shade has nearly usurped it: "safety orange." And like all other trends, RiRi did it first.

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With the increasing ubiquity of streetwear, vibrant colors are more stylish than ever. But when exactly did the obsession with this particular shade start? 

Like most trends that catch on like wildfire, it all started with a POC's creative output. More specifically, it started with Heron Preston, a fashion designer and Kanye West-affiliate. In September 2016, Preston debuted his eponymous line. This was not your average fashion week presentation, though. Preston presented do-gooder good design in the form of revamping the New York City Department of Sanitation's uniforms. Yes, really. 

The unlikely pairing was a match made in heaven. Streetwear, at times, is influenced by workwear anyway, so the collection gelled perfectly. And of course, due to the nature of the Department of Sanitation uniforms' need for reflective and extremely visible colors, for safety reasons, orange was heavily employed throughout. It was undoubtedly utilitarian — and undeniably chic.

It only seems fitting that the next big color in fashion would be the antithesis of its buzzy predecessor. Where millennial pink is soft, passive, romantic, even, safety orange is the complete opposite: it's a shade so noticeable, it's quite literally worn by hunters to avoid mistakenly shooting human beings instead of animals. (Even so, it wasn't enough to prevent former Vice President Dick Cheney from doing just that.)

This is not the color to wear if you're craving anonymity. And although it's a very distinctive hue, it might be easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than you think. Below, allow all your fave celebs to demonstrate how to wear and style this perfectly autumnal-themed shade.


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