Guess How Much Kylie Jenner Just Spent On Gear For Baby 'Trylie'

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Guess How Much Kylie Jenner Just Spent On Gear For Baby 'Trylie'

This tiny tot will be fitted.

Published October 2, 2017

It is Monday, the day following the premiere of KUWTK's fourteenth season (and subsequent long-awaited reveals), and the KarJenner camp is feeding fresh chum to the insatiably hungry media sharks. Unsurprisingly, it has to do with perhaps the craziest would-be Keeping Up plot yet: Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy.

You see, Kylie has gone on a shopping spree. But this is not just any shopping spree — she's reportedly shelled out a ballpark $70,000 in supplies and clothing for her soon-to-be-born child. Baby Trylie will be fitted, indeed.


Jenner and her alleged baby daddy, Travi$ Scott, have yet to officially confirm they're with child. But being the KarJenner experts that we are, all signs point to deffo preggo. The evidence, you may ask?

Kris Jenner, bless her hard-working, capitalist-minded soul, undoubtedly has a crazy number of lawyers' hotlines on speed dial. (With the exception of Hollywood's busiest attorney, Lisa Bloom, of course! [Bloom represents Blac Chyna, who is currently in a legal battle with Rob Kardashian.]) 

So you already know if major outlets were falsely reporting Kylie's pregnancy, Kris would have a cease-and-desist sent to their offices faster than you can say, "What in litigation?!"

yesterday was cute. hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond..

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Kyky has taken to teasing tummy pics all over socials since news first broke, because subtlety is not an idea that the KarJenners subscribe to.

"OK, but why haven't they confirmed?!" someone shouted from the back. Welp, it's simple. This will undoubtedly play out on the family's show. And while last night's episode saw the family address two of its most recent media frenzies, Kendall's Very Bad No Good Advertisement and Kim's surrogacy, we already know Kris has drama queued up to ride out the rest of the season. Among the things that will absolutely, positively be covered this season? 

Khloé and Kylie's alleged pregnancies (in addition to Kim's, of course).

mornings :)

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While this particular baby-prep haul cost more than the average American's household income according to the 2015 census, money ain't a thang when Kris Jenner's ambitious blood runs through one's veins. 

To break it down, this light shopping endeavor is worth a mere 2,414 units in lip kit sales (valued at $29 each). Kylie Cosmetics, the booming business that it is, releases at minimum 300,000 units per product in every drop. So, to her, this expense is more pocket change than blowing a bag. Must be nice!

Kylie reportedly has both utilized online and in-store shopping to execute this shopping spree, collecting clothes, accessories and other items for Baby Trylie. TMZ reported that a source "close to Jenner" (Malika? Jen Atkin? Reveal yourself, anonymous source!) said the following: "This is going to be the best dressed kid you've ever seen."

Keep it locked here for Baby Trylie news. There's surely more to come!

Written by BET Staff

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