See How Ashanti Preps For Climate Change With This Puffer And Booty Shorts 'Fit

See How Ashanti Preps For Climate Change With This Puffer And Booty Shorts 'Fit

She's ready for anything.

Published October 6, 2017

Though the government can delete all the Environmental Protection Agency web pages regarding climate change they want (and they have), the effects of global warming are ubiquitous and far-reaching.

Ashanti knows this all too well. That's why yesterday she stunted on the 'gram in an outfit perfect for the unpredictable — and unseasonably warm — forecast.


A post shared by Ashanti (@ashanti) on


A post shared by Ashanti (@ashanti) on

As we reported just days ago, puffer coats are having a moment. Though there is not a snowflake in sight, and we are experiencing record-high temps, Ashanti is not fooled. The Grammy-winning immense talent is telling us a lot about herself in just one snapshot.

For one, she has not lost it — not one bit. Her layered outfit shows off her perfectly toned bod  and she clearly isn't afraid to show some skin judging by the extreme hem of those hot pants. But we mean, if you got it, flaunt it! She looks amazing. 

Yes, Ashanti is an evergreen sex symbol and, yes, she is comfortable in her body. But wethinks she may also be preparing for the impending apocalypse.

Hear us out: s**t is weird out here right now. There are things way stranger than apocalyptic prep, such as the concept that World War III could be precipitated by a flippant, cryptic message that exists in the intangible universe known as the world wide web at the hands of an orange-hued villain. But we digress.

So, yeah, what average sheeple may see as Ashanti being extra is just not the full picture. Allow us to explain. 

Her floor-length puffer coat could double as a flotation device, perfect for when the rising sea levels inevitably swallow up our towns and cities. Her earrings, then, could serve as a useful tool for spearing fish when, again, the rising sea levels decimate all food sources, save for sea creatures. You may view her boots and booty shorts as falling in line with a metallic trend, but, you would be short-sighted if so. They're actually reflective surfaces that are ideal for identification purposes. And finally, her orange sunglasses must be a subliminal to the sun, that big-ass star in the sky that humanity literally depends on for survival. As the ozone layer continues to be depleted, Ashanti is not messing around. She will be damn prepared when the sun becomes so strong that we are discouraged from remotely looking up at the sky for fear of immediate retina burn on sight. 

This has been today's apocalyptic fashion report. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Ashanti via Instagram)


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