See Jay Z And Blue's Adorable Matching Travel Attire

EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY** Beyonce and Jay Z seen out in public for the first time with their twins. The superstar couple were seen arriving at a heliport in New York with security
Pictured: Beyonce and Jay Z
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See Jay Z And Blue's Adorable Matching Travel Attire

Looks like twinning is becoming a Carter staple.

Published October 6, 2017

Rumi and Sir Carter's first public outing was, indeed, a family affair. Being that they are infant humans who can not care for themselves, this makes a lot of sense. But, of course, even with the advent of the twins' introduction to public life, Blue Ivy Carter still managed to steal the show, because she is a perfect, tiny diva.

Leave it to Blue to rock a groutfit (that's a gray outfit) but make it fashion. This is hard to do, sheeple, so take notes. One way to elevate the groutfit, a look typically reserved for grocery store runs and sick days, is to match your billionaire dad. And so that's what she did.

Wait, you thought Blue Ivy Carter, she who outdanced every other little girl at her ballet recital, would let her new sibs get all the attention??? Blue said, Rumi and Carter, you are not the only twins around here, for I match dad and you guys don't, so take that. Truly a classic case of first child syndrome.

Jay, on daddy duty, carried the twinsies in his very own groutfit. Beyonce carried a Louis Vuitton handbag. Blue Ivy carried the team in terms of her unbothered serve, complete with pink sunglasses and matching slip-on sneaks.

Name a more iconic 5-year-old... we'll wait.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Splash News)


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