See Remy Ma's Extremely Sheer Halloween-Inspired Outfit

See Remy Ma's Extremely Sheer Halloween-Inspired Outfit

This ain't no Casper the Ghost costume.

Published October 11, 2017

Welp, we had fall weather for a hot (cool?) sec back in September, but shortly after, our rising global temperatures gave way to an, er, "Native American Summer," shall we call it. As someone who can take issue with 75 percent of weather conditions, we've been bummed by the lack of brisk autumn air.

Remy Ma, however, is finding optimism in this unseasonably warm weather, and is utilizing it to the best of her ability. This week she wore a sheer jumpsuit number and diamonds for an unexpectedly appropriate twist on transitional fashions.

Ms. Reminisce may not count herself as one of October's Very Own (shout out Scorpios!), as her birthday is in May, but she's still looking like a Halloween Taliban member with her dope orange hair. It should also be noted that technically, she is looking like a snack, in that her hair color reminds us of candy corn. This intensity of orange is no easy feat to achieve or maintain in terms of hair color, but we're impressed by her bold choice — and how good it looks. As if we needed any more incentive to impulsively dye our hair a crazy color!

Remy knows the secret to a serve is avoiding looking like you tried too hard. Her sexy sheer jumpsuit gives off athleisure vibes, but the 'fit toes the line of luxury thanks to a bunch of diamonds and some Philipp Plein heels.

Go all the way awf, Remy!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Remy Ma via Instagram)


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