See Karrueche Let One Boob Hang Out In This Outfit Tribute To Lil' Kim

(Photo: Karrueche via Instagram)

See Karrueche Let One Boob Hang Out In This Outfit Tribute To Lil' Kim

No, it's not a costume.

Published November 20, 2017

We're always here for a successful glow up story, so that means that Karrueche Tran is one of our favorite baddies. The multi-hyphenate, who as of late has taken on many varying projects, let the past inspire her present this past weekend, flexing on us with not one but two very '90s-inspired looks. Here for it!

Hi baby

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First up, the Claws actress wore this fun mono 'fit while out and about in NYC. Mono's been in for a minute, but Kae strays from the typically Yeezy-esque, neutral tones the trend has been associated with with this punchy, purple look, which gets its cool factor from juxtaposed shades and textures. We'll save you the ScreenShop effort: she's wearing $96 Bunny Holiday overalls and a $270 Joy Rich puffer.

Because I’m happy 💥

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While hosting a club event, Kae, our favorite itty bitty titty committee member, pulled out yet another 'fit reminiscent of the '90s with this exposed-boobie-and-subsequent pasty number. Lil' Kim's influence is still strong!

We've never been stellar at arithmetic, hence why we chose a career that involves minimal numbers, but we can put two and two together: Kae's purple 'fit + pasty 'fit = Kim's infamous VMA seashell pasty moment vibes. That's fashion math, folks! 

Oversized modest fashion one day and a free the nip moment the next? We love ourselves a girl who can do both!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Karrueche via Instagram)


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