Reginae Carter's Idea Of Snow Boots Are $1,400 And From Louis Vuitton

Reginae Carter's Idea Of Snow Boots Are $1,400 And From Louis Vuitton

Winter time fine.

Published December 11, 2017

A lot of us had our first snow of the season over the weekend, declaring winter amongst us. Now, if you are a pro to the snow and are used to a winter wonderland, (I beg to differ), your winter essentials may include the following: a Canada Goose coat, hat, scarf, gloves and Sorel boots to navigate the snow. However, if you are Reginae Carter, it does not any of the above.

Reginae celebrated her first snow of the season in Atlanta, which is very rare in itself, and although it was far too cold to wear bra tops, instead of your typical snow boot, she opted for luxury.  

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Stepping out for a photo op, she posed in a black puffer, ripped denim, and $1,450 Louis Vuitton "Boyish Ranger" boots. Whether or not her feet were kept warm is debatable, but who cares, fashion is risky. Of course, she paired the look with a mini Vuitton backpack in which a similar one could run you $1,900.

TBH, this is what most snow-goers wished they look like during an arctic winter. Besides, wintertime fine is just as important as summertime fine, y’all.

Written by Shalaeya Brown

(Photo: Reginae Carter via Instagram)


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