Scott Disick Dropped $15K In A Day To Give Himself A 'Street' Makeover

Scott Disick Dropped $15K In A Day To Give Himself A 'Street' Makeover

Lord Disick is no more.

Published December 12th

Whoa, Scott Disick just dropped a whooping $15K on sneakers! 

You may remember Scott Disick formally as “Lord Disick,” when he used to rock nothing but formal suits and loafers. The KUWTK star appeared on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping series to share how he is undergoing a major style transformation and ditched his formal wear for a more “simplistic” look, one that consists of an expensive rotation of dope sneakers, John Elliot jeans, rare Supreme hoodies, and track suits. And according to him, he doesn't care if people think that this look is too young for him.

Damn, lord Louis back at it again

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Gettin ready 4 the track meet

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When asked about the sneaker industry in general, Lord Disick credits Kanye West's influence on Adidas as being the force that has shaken up the sneaker game to knock Nike off the pedestal as the sneaker of choice. And he is a super fan of Ye’s new Calabasas sneaker btw, but was shook to find out that they retail for upwards of $8,000. “I mean it’s unbelievable that we live in a world that people are going to spend $8,000 to walk in a shoe,” Scott said. “I could see somebody wanting to spend $8,000 to walk in my shoes for a day, but that’s a little different.”

Scott's favorite sneaker right now is the all-white Air Force 1’s and says he goes through two or three pairs a week! Why? Because they get dirty during his club excursions, according to the reality star. Normal people would wipe them off and keep moving, but not Lord Disick. He tosses them and replaces them.  


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Proving his love for street wear, Scott, at the end of the interview, snagged $15,000 worth from Stadium Goods, which includes eight pairs of exclusive sneakers and a rare $10K Supreme LV Washed Denim Parka. 

Boss goals. Scott just taught us style upgrades aren’t cheap.

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)


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