OH, SNAP! Danielle Brooks Shows Off Her #ThickFit BAWDY In This Anti-Body Shaming Swimsuit

SANTA MONICA, CA - FEBRUARY 25:  Actress Danielle Brooks attends the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25, 2017 in Santa Monica, California.  (Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage)

OH, SNAP! Danielle Brooks Shows Off Her #ThickFit BAWDY In This Anti-Body Shaming Swimsuit

She's team no filter.

Published December 29, 2017

Actress Danielle Brooks is just one of those women that you have to admire. She's beautiful, talented and her body confidence is unparalleled! 

Earlier this month, the Orange Is The New Black actress showed off her amazing chocolate curves in InStyle Magazine while revealing she doesn’t make New Year's resolutions but instead opts to accomplish goals:

“I want to be healthier and stronger. If I’m feeling powerful, who cares whether I’m a size 14 or 16?” she shared with Instyle.

We couldn't have said it better.

Speaking of body, have you seen Danielle's recent Instagram post?

A post shared by Danielle Brooks (@daniebb3) on

Showing off lots of BAWDY in a sexy one-peice with a body positive message, the 28-year-old shared exactly why she's grateful for her body:

"The body is your ride or die, literally. So I’m thankful for Good Health!! I’m thankful that my body functions at 💯 regardless of the imperfections the world might see. It holds me up. It sustains me through long work weeks. It takes me on trips around the world, and carries me through my most stressful days and my most exciting," she shared in the Instagram post.

"My body has my back, because it knows that I am learning to listen to what it needs to have it function at its best. I don’t take my body for granted, so thank you body for taking me on an incredible ride this year!"

Ditto! Cheers to a healthier and more fit New Year!

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Earl Gibson III/WireImage)


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