Wayment! We've Been Saying 'Versace' All Wrong

Wayment! We've Been Saying 'Versace' All Wrong

But here's the right way according to THE Donatella Versace.

Published February 2nd

Donatella Versace has requested that we put some respect on her name. 

And, frankly, who are we to deny the queen of Italian maximalist fashion that simply query?

If, like the writer of this piece, you have a first- or last-name that people seem to have trouble pronouncing, there's a 100 percent chance you cringe at the thought of the first day of classes on any given year of school. And thus, perhaps you can sympathize with the style icon. 

It's been 14 years since Kanye West muttered the words, "I can't even pronounce nothin', pass that Ver-say-see!" In the time since, it would appear that we, as a collective society, have not done much to properly mitigate this wide-spread faux pas. 

In a digital short for Vogue.com, above, Donatella is asked 73 rapid-fire questions, one them being, "Which Italian word do you wish English speakers would stop saying incorrectly?"

Her response? "Ver-sah-chee. It's Ver-sah-shay."

Of course Hermoine's iconic nerd moment comes to mind, but as previously mentioned, we can imagine it gets pretty damn annoying to have people say your last name wrong for decades. Paired with the fact that one of Donatella's objectives is keeping the spirit of her late brother, Gianni, alive since taking the helm of the label, it's actually sweet to know Donatella's bitten her tongue for, again, decades on this one.

What a forgiving woman! Donatella knows better than to alienate potential clientele. We stan a business-savvy icon! 


Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Vogue.com)


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