Rihanna Says Her Body Is Not Your Business In New 'Vogue' Interview

Rihanna Says Her Body Is Not Your Business In New Vogue Interview

Rihanna Says Her Body Is Not Your Business In New 'Vogue' Interview

Plus, she talks freezing her eggs.

Published May 3, 2018

Guess who’s on the cover of Vogue magazine's June issue? Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Shot in the tropical islands of Ibiza, Spain (how fitting for our Island gal), Rih glows on the cover wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress. The recently turned 30-year-old rocks an array of swimwear, flowy dresses, and a super revealing Paco Rabanne dress that will make all her body-shamers STFU.

Spilling the tea on body, mind, soul, relationship and, of course, her fashion and beauty empire,  Rih gets real candid. 

(Photo: Vogue Magazine, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Vogue)

Here's what we discovered:

On relationships: For the men out there with hopes of snagging the taken songstress, A) you are out of luck because it’s clear that Rih feels like she’s found someone who is truly worth her time. “I used to feel guilty about taking personal time,” she says, but I also think I never met someone who was worth it before.” And B) even if she were single, pretty guys don’t work: you “at least gotta have wrinkles.” 

And of course she talks her Fenty empire, specifically breaking unexpected barriers with her beauty line and her upcoming “Savage” lingerie collection, set to release May 11. One quality both her beauty empire and soon-to-be lingerie empire have in common is inclusivity of all skin shades. Rihanna admits that she was shocked by Fenty beauty’s response, explaining that it was natural for her to explore and include darker skin tones in her collection having watched her mom dabble in makeup: “As a black woman, I could not live with myself if I didn’t do that.” Her lingerie line will embody that same vision and will offer a range of nude underwear for everyone. Apparently, Rih’s biggest regret about her sheer Adam Selman dress at the 2014 CFDA awards was that she didn’t wear a bedazzled thong instead of the nude ones, because they were “not my nude,” she says. 

Rihanna’s lingerie collection is named “Savage,” which most of us will equate to Rih’s hit song “Needed Me,” but this word means far more to her.

“Savage is really about taking complete ownership of how you feel and the choices you make. Basically making sure everybody knows the ball is in your court. As women, we’re looked at as the needy ones, the naggy ones, the ones who are going to be heartbroken in a relationship. Savage is just the reverse. And you know, guys don’t like getting the cards flipped on them—ever.”

Ahh, true gems from Rih, the realest. And while we’ve already spent all of our coins on Fenty beauty, we’ll be sure to go in debt next Friday racking up all the Savage x Fenty lingerie. Oh, and let’s not forget outside of the Savage launch next week, we also get to see our girl kill it on the red carpet at the Met Gala, next Monday (May 7th). Next week shall be fab!

Written by Shalaeya Brown

(Photo: Vogue Magazine, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott/Vogue)


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