Tables Have Turned!: See Why Kim Kardashian Accuses Her Sisters Of Cultural Appropriation

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Tables Have Turned!: See Why Kim Kardashian Accuses Her Sisters Of Cultural Appropriation

“This isn’t Halloween where you can dress up like a Japanese Geisha.”

Published October 8, 2018

ICYMI, Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe  headed to Japan on the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The trio hit the streets to Tokyo to for Kim to shoot Yeezy’s season 7 campaign.

“Japan is, like, the forefront of fashion,” Kim proclaims. She had 20 Yeezy looks to shoot within a short period of time, so the reality star claims to have been under lot of pressure. On the first night of shooting, the three sisters headed out to a dinner where Kim wore a Yeezy blazer-vest combo with matching pants and turquoise heels. Kourtney wore a translucent skirt and tube, while Khloe wore a silver sequin beaded dress with blue chandelier earrings.

Kim wasn’t happy with her sister’s outfit and makeup choices and thought they clashed with her Yeezy ‘fit. Kim said, “Y’all look like f*cking clowns. This is not like a tourist thing where 'it’s Halloween' and dress up like a Japanese Geisha.” Yikes! How harsh. So she was basically calling her sisters out and accusing them of cultural appropriation in a not so subtle way. 

Well, Kourtney wasn't having it and clapped back at her younger sister. She said, "Well, you look like you just did the Tour de France.” Referring to the biker shorts worn in the Yeezy campaign. 

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As the episode goes on, Kim continues to take major jabs at her older sister. Kim told Kourtney that she looks like a grandma and doesn’t look like anything special or innovative. "You look like you’re going to fade out," said Kim.

Kourtney defended herself by criticizing Yeezy's designs and said that she's a busy mom and doesn't have seven stylists like Kim does. Kim was unfazed and continued with: "I saw what I saw, and I saw f*ckin’ clowns." Ouch! 

Is this how sisters fight?!?


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Sisters Take Tokyo

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Well, the oldest of the KarJenner clan wasn't having it. Kourtney clapped back AGAIN and said, “It’s real easy to be a b*tch, do you want me to be a b*tch? I could be a b*tch and say your f*cking outfits suck. You’re wearing a puffy vest, pink hair and turquoise shoes.” Whew! Big sis had time today! 

Pregnant Khloe remained quiet during the argument and let her older sisters battle it out. 


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Happy International Women’s Day

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At the end of the episode, Kim's glam team told her that her delivery was kind of harsh, and the sisters made up. She was able to get all 20 Yeezy looks shot, and they enjoyed the rest of their trip.

But the internet wasn't happy with Kim's bullying and was #teamKourtney all the way. Take a look at some of the tweets below.

Do y'all think Kim had the right to call her sisters out for their outfits when she herself has been criticized for wearing corn braids and calling them "Bo Derek" braids? Drop a line below. 

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