ATL Local Reginae Carter Wears $5k Hat With Sapphires and Rubies To Host Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods In A Super Bowl Suite

Reginae Carter

ATL Local Reginae Carter Wears $5k Hat With Sapphires and Rubies To Host Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods In A Super Bowl Suite

Talk about young money.

Published February 1, 2019

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the Superbowl this year, it still remained a major event for most Americans. Celebrities flooded Atlanta to be part of the action. ATL native, Reginae Carter, didn't have to travel far at all. The former reality star and aspiring actress never disappoints us when it comes to style so although she could have watched the game in the comfort of her own home, she slayed by watching from a suite with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods wearing a hat that costs a cool $5300. 

As a girl who loves both fashion and football, Reginae partnered with New Era to model their exclusive New Era x Super Bowl LIII Women's 9TWENTY cap. The hat, which is made of navy blue crushed velvet and accented with the NFL shield pin embellished with Swarovski crystals, sapphires and rubies at an extravagant price of $5,300, might need it's own bodyguard. 

(Photo: New Era)

Now, although this New Era x Swarovski cap is a look all on it's own, as a fan, Reginae knows that a full look is necessary to properly show it off. When we spoke on the phone last week, she was excited to come up with the ultimate game day outfit to compliment the hat.

Being from New Orleans, of course, the Saints are her favorite team. But, since they were one game shy of making the Super Bowl this year, Reginae will not be rooting for anyone. “I love all the young guys on the Saints. They play so hard. I don’t have one particular player. I just love my home team.” Although it’s bittersweet, Reginae says her and her family will be at the game turning up for a day of fun and tells me, “My dad purchased a suite for us when we thought the Saints were going to make it. Me, my mom, my grandma, and some of my other family members will be there.”

I asked Reginae if she could invite anyone to her fantasy suite at the Super Bowl who would it be. She was very practical in naming her family, friends, boyfriend, and Rihanna for the guest list. Yep, that’s right. She’s obsessed with bad gal Rih Rih just like the rest of us.

(Photo: New Era)

Speaking of boyfriends, since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, I wanted to know the type of girl Reginae is when it comes to plans on February's other big night. Does she let her bae, Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci surprise her, or is she the kind of girl who has to be in charge of plans? Reginae seemed to love this question, giggling while saying, “Valentine’s day is for the girls. The man should go out the way and do something very special for his lady because men don’t really express their feelings like that. So I let him plan and express his feelings on that day.”

(Photo: New Era)

With all of the controversy surrounding Travis Scott’s upcoming Super Bowl performance, I asked Reginae to expound her point of view on the topic.  She considers the question and makes it clear that she doesn’t really follow politics or feed into any social-political topics, saying, “I try to stay out of all of that. I don’t really know too much about that because I try to stay out of politics, and any drama dealing with the president.”  I mean, can we blame her? Most people don’t like to follow it in order to keep a sane mind.

The 20-year-old has had a remarkable amount of success at such a young age and doesn’t have any plans on slowing down. Just wrapping up her first movie, Pride and Prejudice Atlanta, acting is just one of the many achievements Reginae celebrated this year. The budding entrepreneur is putting the finishing touches on her clothing line that will be launching very soon and has cool projects lined up with her mom, Toya Wright. The daughter of rap royalty has a goal of buying her first house on her own before she turns 21 and wants all of her endeavors in 2019 to be major.

“All my endeavors, I just want them to get big, really big and get everyone’s support. It’s about making money and continue being blessed,” Reginae told me.

Since Reginae mentioned that she and her mom are working on special projects together this year, I asked how has the birth of her baby sister Reign-Beaux changed their relationship. Reginae gushed about her mom and darling baby sister saying, “I love Reign. She’s so cute. She’s like my mini-me. I watch her a lot for my mom and it really brought me and my mom closer together. When my mom had me, she was younger so things were different. It was just her and me. And now we got Reign, it's the three of us. Our little family. It’s so cute.”

(Photo: New Era)

Being a public figure may come with an enormous amount of love and even more hate at times. However, the sassy Sagittarius is not phased by negative comments on social media and is known for serving a subtle clap back or two at people who tries to come for her or anyone in her circle. But Reginae is taking on the new year, new me approach in 2019. She says, “I've been trying to stop that. Because clearly, these people don't really know me from a can of paint. They only know what I post and what others post about me. So, I've been trying to stop the clap back and just leave them on read. People are going to talk. If they don’t talk, then you’re not doing something right.” She may be young, but she’s confident and about her business, so I can see why she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

The New Era x Swarovski cap is available for sale exclusively at the NFL Shop at the Super Bowl Experience in Atlanta.


Written by Tira Urquhart

(Photo: New Era)


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