Meghan Markle Was Told She Isn’t Allowed To Wear A Tiara To First Overseas State Dinner

SUVA, FIJI - OCTOBER 23:  Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend a state dinner hosted by the president of the South Pacific nation Jioji Konrote at the Grand Pacific Hotel on October 23, 2018 in Suva, Fiji. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.  (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Meghan Markle Was Told She Isn’t Allowed To Wear A Tiara To First Overseas State Dinner

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton wore a diamond piece from the royal collection.

Published March 30, 2019

It would seem that one of the perks of being a duchess would be having the privilege of rocking a tiara whenever her heart desires, right? Well, think again. According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex was told by Prince Charles that she was not to wear a lavish tiara to her first overseas dinner.

ICYMI: Last October, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were guests at a stated dinner for the president of Fiji, Jioji Konrote. The dinner took place at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva, Fiji.

Apparently, it was the hope of America’s favorite princess to wear one of the Royal Collection’s lavish jeweled tiaras that would complement her royal blue floor-length gown designed by Safiyaa, but her father-in-law kindly explained to her that wearing the jeweled tiara could be seen as extravagant.

According to a source, “Meghan did not understand all of this because she was new to the role and so Prince Charles told her that it would not be appropriate. It was very kindly done.”

A source also stated, “The Prince, having travelled to all these places many times over many years, is very well placed to give advice on such matters.”

Instead, the Princess wore a pair of chandelier diamond earrings that are also from the Royal Collection.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wore a tiara to a banquet dinner last October. The ‘Lovers’ Knot’ tiara which was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1913, boasts of 19 diamond arches with large dangling pearls beneath them. The beautiful piece has also been worn by the Queen and Princess Diana, who reportedly complained that its weight gave her a headache.

(Photo: Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage, John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The Royal Collection, which is held in trust by the Queen, has many beautiful crowns, tiaras, necklaces, and earrings that are priceless.

What do you think of Prince Charles’ decision to stop Meghan Markle from wearing the tiara overseas? Was he being fair?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)


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