Conservative Troll Tomi Lahren Launches A ‘Freedom’ Athleisure Line With A Brand Famous For Producing Leggings With Gun Holsters

Tomi Lahren launches 'Freedom' athleisure wear allegedly made in China.

Conservative Troll Tomi Lahren Launches A ‘Freedom’ Athleisure Line With A Brand Famous For Producing Leggings With Gun Holsters

Wale's enemy then got dragged since the American-themed line is actually made in China.

Published August 26, 2019

Written by Gina Conteh

Tomi Lahren, infamous for telling athletes to "stay in their own lane" when it comes to their involvement in politics, has stepped out of her political lane and is being dragged for designing athleisure wear allegedly made in China.

27-year-old Tomi Lahren is pretty vocal about her love for Donald Trump, the NRA and anything Republican while expressing her general distaste for liberals, lazy millennials and, most of all, athletes and other celebrities who demonstrate their First Amendment rights by taking a knee during the national anthem or speaking out against the current administration.

Now, the former Fox News political pundit is making a move into both the fashion and sports realm by launching an athleisure line with Alexo Athletica, an athletic-wear line known for creating "Carrywear" leggings featuring a pocket for women to carry firearms. And to answer the question we know you were about to ask: yes, the line is patriotic AF.

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Freedom by Tomi Lahren features leggings, tanks, sports bras and more clothing all emblazoned with stars-and-stripes or camouflage prints. In a promotional video for her line, Tomi says that she created her brand for young people who feel as though they aren’t represented by other athletic-wear brands.

“I think there are a lot of young girls out there that don’t really feel like they have a brand that represents their freedom. They don’t feel like they have a brand that represents their rights. It’s kind of been taken over by a certain group of people.” Tomi explains. “I wanted my fans, my followers, my friends to have a line that they can wear and feel proud to be an American, feel proud of freedom, proud of the country that they live in, and that’s really what this line represents.”

The entire promotional video is basically just Tomi Lahren spewing her usual rhetoric against liberals and lazy millennials in order to promote this athleisure line. Tomi, as well as the brand's CEO and co-founder, Amy Robbins, preach about their aim to empower women and make a statement about an industry that’s apparently making conservatives feel unwelcome. Uh, OK?

Tomi’s weirdly patriotic leggings surprisingly do not feature the gun holster like the previous lines from Alexo Athletica and instead have a pocket for a “small defense weapon.”

While she says her line represents freedom and her love for the United States, social media users are questioning Tomi about where the product is being made. With no response from Tomi, Twitter users are going off of a tweet where someone selling their Alexo Athletica pieces revealed that they were made in China. Oops!

“Anything that’s got my name attached to it means a lot to me, and I put it in a lot of work to make sure it’s the way I want it to be. And make sure that my audience, and my fans, and my followers and my friends feel that way, too,” Tomi says in the Alexo Athletica video.

Welp, Tomi Lahren probably should have checked where her clothing line was being made while fiercely preaching all things America in the same breath. Just a thought!

(Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon )


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