Serena Williams Gives The Ultimate Clapback To Tennis Fashion Police By Bringing Back Her Famous Catsuit For This Year’s US Open

Serena Williams wears Nike catsuit during 2019 U.S. Open.

Serena Williams Gives The Ultimate Clapback To Tennis Fashion Police By Bringing Back Her Famous Catsuit For This Year’s US Open

The tennis champ slayed while her husband was throwing shade!

Published August 27, 2019

Written by Gina Conteh

We look forward to watching Serena Williams to annihilating her competition But what we can't wait to see is what statement she'll make with her 'fits. And the 2019 U.S. Open was no different!

Serena Williams is not only a tennis champ, but she's also a fashion queen. On top of her busy U.S. Open schedule, Serena will premiere at New York Fashion Week next month. So, of course, the 18-time champian had to beat Maria Sharapova in major style this year. And take a stab at the French Tennis Federation in the process.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 26: Serena Williams of the United States hits a backhand against Maria Sharapova of Russia in the first round of the US Open in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 26, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by TPN/Getty)
(Photo: TPN/Getty)

ICYMI: The French Tennis Federation banned catsuits, calling them disrespectful to the game, after Serena Williams wore her famouse Off White X Nike catsuit specifically designed to help with her blood clots after giving birth in 2017. While the Internet debated whether this was a direct stab at Serena, she stepped up her "controversial" look by iconically donning tutus on the court.

At this year's U.S. Open, Sacai and Nike teamed up to design the looks for all the competitors, according to Sole Collector. So it was only right that Serena rocked the short catsuit look designed by Sacai's Chitose Abe to destroy her competition on the court. 

While Serena was battling out with Maria Sharapova on the court, her hubby, Alexis Ohanian, Sr., was throwing shade to his wife's competitor.

In 2016, Maria Sharapova was banned from the court after failing her drug test for the Australian Open. The tennis star claimed that she didn't know she took the drug meldonium, according to Sporting News. Welp, apparently the Williams-Ohanian clan was feeling real shady and Alexis wore a D.A.R.E t-shirt; the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program that taught drug prevention in school.

Our girl Serena Williams has always served major looks on the court and this year she definitely didn't disappoint!

(Photo: TPN/Getty)


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