Former French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld Issues Apology For Tone Deaf BLM Post With Anok Yai

Anok Yai and Carine Rotfield

Former French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld Issues Apology For Tone Deaf BLM Post With Anok Yai

It was peak 'this is my Black friend' except it was way worse.

Published June 4th

Written by Tira Urquhart

CR Fashion Book's Carine Rotfield issued an apology after coming under fire for an insensitive Instagram post featuring model Anok Yai.

Earlier this week, Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, joined the world in solidarity against racial injustice by sharing a picture of her with black model supermodel Anok Yai, with a caption that read, "Anok is not a black woman, she is my friend, I missing!"

Her followers and other supermodels thought the post was deeply offensive and tone-deaf. 

One person also wrote: "Do not use her skin to make you feel better about the casual everyday racism you participate in."

Roitfeld subsequently took the post down and issued a lengthy apology on Instagram on Thursday morning.

“I would like to sincerely apologize for my previous comments that were posted on social media. My intent was to express love and support for my dear friend, Anok Yai - not to deafen my message. I realize that I caused further pain and hurt to the very community that I was looking to support. I am learning from this experience and will continue to use my platform and voice to create opportunities for change. Anok you are a beautiful, strong, and talented Black woman and I meant absolutely no harm. I only meant to send a message of support to you and your family. I vow to continue to focus my efforts and stand up to these injustices to support and further create opportunities that amplify the black community and their voices in the fight against systemic racism. Please know that I have read all of your comments and I hear you. I made a grave error and ask not to be judged by my words, but by my actions now and going forward. – Carine”

Supermodel Anok Yai has not yet commented.

(Photo: Stefania M. D'Alessandro/Getty Images for amfAR)


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