Alexis Feacher Is Brightening Up Our Timelines With Her Epic Pop Culture Instagram Videos

Yung BBQ aka Alexis Featcher

Alexis Feacher Is Brightening Up Our Timelines With Her Epic Pop Culture Instagram Videos

The 21-year-old comedian went viral during the pandemic for her hilarious skits.

Published September 28th

Written by Tira Urquhart

This year has been a trying time. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, Black lives being taken as a result of police brutality, and natural disasters — most of us need a reprieve from the harsh realities of the world.  Well, Alexis Feacher, a young Black content creator known to her 1.1 million Instagram followers as Yung BBQ, uses her platform to provide a dose of positivity and comedic relief in the form of entertaining dancing and skits.

Yung BBQ, or “Young Beautiful Black Queen,”  is a 21-year-old St. Petersburg, Florida social media star who brightens up our timelines one post at a time with her hilarious reenactments of old school music videos, TV shows, and even cartoons. She is a one-woman show when it comes to creative direction, costumes, and of course, her dance moves.

The talented content creator has even caught the attention of celebrities including P. Diddy, Sza, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Teyana Taylor, and Jordyn Woods.

Alexis has always loved to dance. Before becoming a solo star, Alexis was a part of a local dance group with her friends. The Florida resident’s first touch of fame occurred when she went viral in 2019 while dancing in the background of a video with friends after taking on the Chris Browns #Gocrazychallenge. A couple of months into the pandemic, Alexis did a rendition of the “Wizard of Oz,” where she dressed up as Dorothy from head-to-toe as she walked down a yellow brick road. How does she perfect these moments? “I’ve become an expert at watching videos and recreating them,” she explains. 

Breathing new life into iconic moments in music videos and movies is Alexis’ calling card. She recently recreated Tina Turner’s famous “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” music video where she strolled the streets of Brooklyn in a leather mini skirt, heels, and blonde wig, hitting every step. She even did her own rendition of Missy Elliott’s groundbreaking music video, “I Can’t Stand The Rain,” where she wore the classic oversized black plastic bag and glasses — garnering attention from Elliott, who reposted the Instagram video.  

Although Alexis makes her skits look seamless, she doesn’t do it alone. The energetic dancer credits her family for helping her out with filming her videos. Her cover of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” and Fantasia's “ Truth Is” music videos were recorded by her mother. That’s not the only way her mom helps out. Alexis also raids her mother’s closet for perfecting her spot-on costumes. “My mom also has a lot of things in her closet, and I borrow them from her,” she reveals. “I only go to two stores: the Goodwill and another store, and that's it.”

Managed by her older brother Charles, who is also a dancer, Alexis’ hobby has turned into a full-time career with partnerships with Spotify, Footaction, and Netflix. She also has her sights set on Hollywood. To prepare for the big screen, the natural-born entertainer is also starting acting classes.

As a creative, Alexis doesn’t have a favorite video, but she does enjoy performing the vintage 80’s and 90’s music videos and movies. She says, “I honestly don’t have a favorite, people ask me and sometimes and I try to pick one, but I can’t. I love doing all kinds of genres, but the ‘90s are probably my favorite. I did the Usher video, and everyone loved that, so, yeah, I’d say the 90s.”

Becoming a brand isn’t always easy, but Lex has already mastered it. Her merch has sold out more than once, and she plans to expand her line.

While we are in distressing times, Alexis is a beacon of light. She wants to use her platform to entertain and provide relief, even if only a few seconds. "My goal is always to make people smile and laugh,” she says. The feedback she receives from friends is overwhelming for the young star. She adds, “The amount of love I get from these videos, it feels like my heart is falling out of my chest sometimes. I'm like, 'Wow, I really make people feel good that are really going through things.’”

She’s accomplished so much at only 21. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

(Photo courtesy of Alexis Featcher)


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