Ciara And Russell Wilson Launch "The House of LR&C" Clothing Line

Ciara and Russell

Ciara And Russell Wilson Launch "The House of LR&C" Clothing Line

The line merges fashion and philanthropy.

Published December 2nd

Ciara and Russell Wilson have been busy since being in quarantine. 

Even while pregnant, the power couple hustled during the coronavirus pandemic. They used their extra time to create two fragrances, and now a fashion line called “ The House Of LR&C.”

The fashion house, which launched on Tuesday, is named for “love, respect, and care,” as well as “love, Russell and Ciara.” Their goal is “democratizing fashion” by making the traditionally exclusive industry more accessible, especially to young consumers. The House of LR&C comprises Wilson’s existing men’s apparel line, Good Man Brand, and their new inclusive, sustainable streetwear brand, Human Nation. 

The platform focuses on sustainability, inclusivity, and offering affordably priced products.

Ciara shared the news via Instagram with a caption the reads: “Welcome to The House of LR&C @DangeRussWilson. It’s our goal to create Good Brands that embody love, respect & care. We hope our words, and more importantly, our actions, inspire you—# itbeginswithone @thehouseoflrc. The House anthem was Created by @jamalparkerr. Join us! @thehouseoflrc Love, Russell & Ciara.” 

There is also a philanthropic aspect of the brand. 3% of every purchase is donated to motivate. Empower and prepare today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders. 

Congratulations to Ciara and Russell for their continued charity! 

Written by Tira Urquhart

(Photo: Getty Images)


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