Find Out Which Celebrity Owned Restaurants Are Actually Tasty

Chefs finishing dishes at kitchen, before serving

Find Out Which Celebrity Owned Restaurants Are Actually Tasty

You won't believe who made the cut!

Published September 29, 2017

From hip-hop and basketball moguls to reality stars, celebrities are constantly looking for ways to continue to build their empires. While many may try and most will fail, there are a select few celebrities who actually succeed in the restaurant business with delicious food and a beautiful establishment. 

In no particular order, we created a list of celebrity owned restaurants that not only look great but taste oh-so-delicious. Get ready because you're about to be drooling!

  1. Kandi Burruss: Old Lady Gang Restaurant

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    Location: 177 Peters St SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

    Located in Atlanta, we practically watched the birth of the Old Lady Gang Restaurant on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We all observed anxiously as Kandi Burruss and husband, Todd Tucker, poured blood, sweat and tears into their new business. And although it's share of controversy inclding a "C" rating which Kandi and her team quickly turned around into an "A", we promise the food is "A++" worthy.

    Menu item worth mentioning: Aunt Bertha’s Fried Chicken

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  2. K Michelle: Puff & Petals Lounge


    Location: 367 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

    Located in Atlanta, Puff & Petals Lounge was designed by former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star K Michelle to offer a beautiful place to eat great food and puff hookah, of course!

    Menu item worth mentioning: Crab-Tini

  3. Jay-Z: The 40/40 Club


    Location: 6 WEST 25TH STREET, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10010

    Located in New York, The 40/40 Club is a household name when it comes to nightlife in NYC. Jay-Z did a great job combining luxury and sports in one location. 

    Menu item worth mentioning: The appetizers

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  4. Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan's Steak House


    Location: 23 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York City, New York 10017 

    Located overlooking Grand Central Station in New York, Michael Jordan's Steak House is a slam dunk for NBA legend Michael Jordan

    Menu item worth mentioning: MJ Classic Nantucket Lobster Roll, Housemade Potato Chips

  5. Ludacris: Chicken + Beer

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    Location: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia 30337

    Located in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Chicken + Beer has become the spot to be when waiting for the next flight. Named after his 2003 album Chicken-n-BeerLudacris is succeeding. 

    Menu item worth mentioning: Luda’s Chicken + Pecan Waffles 

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Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images)


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