The Cost of Cheating: See What Lengths These Men Went To Win Back Their Women

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The Cost of Cheating: See What Lengths These Men Went To Win Back Their Women

Apologies ain't cheap.

Published October 12, 2017

It’s really hard to maintain a good relationship today with all these distractions like DM features and dating apps so easily accessible. Not that these are any excuse for cheating, but they make for some interesting tales of men going above and beyond to try to win their ladies back after being placed in the doghouse.

Yes, the doghouse is still a thing in 2017 and Kevin Hart recently found himself there after his highly-publicized "mishap." To make sure his wife knew his love for her was irreplaceable (or priceless), Kevin sent his wife Eniko Parrish-Hart flowers that start with a price tag of $400 a box. Prior to the flowers, Eniko and the world got a lengthy public apology from the superstar comedian via Instagram.

Waka Flocka Flame public apologizing and showering his wife Tammy Rivera with gifts for his philandering ways still remains a hot topic today. To see that these apology tours have a presence in history, we can date some of the priciest and public apologies to other celebs in the past. Usher nearly lost his celebrity status due to his cheating scandal while with Chilli, for instance. Diddy wasn’t accused of cheating but he publicly went to great lengths to try and win Jennifer Lopez back. Guys, the apology attempts to repair a relationship are not just pricey and publicly humiliating, they don’t come with a guarantee that you will survive and she takes you back! 

Here are some testimonies to the cost that men paid in an attempt to get their women's love back.

  1. Will, 26

    “I got caught cheating on my ex-girlfriend years ago. She was a very traditional girl, so I tried to get her pregnant to make her stay with me. I thought by doing that, she would be forced to keep me in her life for at least 18 more years.”

    Relationship outcome: Didn’t work. He did get the kid and two more — but not from her. #BabyMamaDrama

  2. Joel, 22

    “So my girl and I had issues. We moved in together but, shortly after, I lost my jobs. I was that guy from [HBO’s] Insecure, Lawrence. I didn’t have a job and she was footing the bills. She left me and went to her mom’s house. I didn’t want her to break up with me, so I went to her mom’s house and wouldn’t leave. Meaning, her mom got so pissed that she kicked us both out. So she had to take me back but it was my way of saying I couldn’t live without her.”

    Relationship outcome: They're still together and he's still sort of unemployed. 

  3. Randy, 30

    “I use to flirt a lot. One time at a cookout, my lady caught me flirting with her cousin. We ended up exchanging numbers. One day I was in the shower and she went through my phone and saw the girl's number. [She] also saw that I sent her a d**k pic on Snapchat. You know they erase after [they're] opened. My dumbass saved the photo on Snapchat. She flipped out. To save myself, I asked her to marry me that night and she accepted. I told her to pick out whatever ring she wanted. It cost me a couple of stacks. I am still paying on the joint."

    Relationship outcome: Two years later, they're still engaged. They've broken up about 10 times since then that time. Randy still does not know how to use Snapchat correctly. 

  4. Moises, 19

    “I got caught DM’ing random girls. Even girls that I met through her! Reckless. She was heated with me and didn’t talk to me for a week. So I used my mama's phone to text her. I wrote, 'Hey, can you please give Mo a call. He’s not doing too well. He has been in the hospital over the last week after his accident. So I am worried about him and I know he loves you and will talk to you.' She called me back after that.”

    Relationship outcome: A flat tire and restraining order. She said he was crazy and she was fearful for her life. Moises is still trying to figure it out.

  5. Anthony, 24

    “I was dating this one chick that came from money and I don’t. So as you know, being out here in LA, it’s about the status. So basically I lied to her and told her I was a party promoter and [I] co-own this venue. She found out that I wasn’t a promoter, so I told another lie, saying I lied because I wanted to kick with her. She believed I did own the venue, though. So she would always question her trust. This Kim Kardashian-like chick would have me take her to all these exclusive restaurants and she would run up a stupid tab. Obviously, she was catching on to my lie, so I went and got an AMEX and bought her a car on it. It was crazy. I did all that to be with her.”

    Relationship status: The girl was married. But they're still “cool.”

  6. Jamaal,34

    “So at the time my, girl was younger than me. I was 30 and she was 21. So she went through my laptop and seen that I had this cyber relationship with another woman who lived in Tampa. On my laptop Skype, it was all these videos we made and recorded. Nudes. The conversations. It was like a relationship death penalty. She basically took my phone and laptop and threw the joints into the pool. She didn’t talk to me for a month. I sent flowers to her job every workday for a month and Edible Arrangements on Fridays. Thanksgiving was at the end of the month, so I sent her mom and dad, who lived four hours away, flowers with a letter asking them to ask her for my forgiveness, confessing to them what I did.”

    Relationship outcome: Four years later, they're back together and have had no problems since. Jamaal says he still thinks he is paying for the flowers.   

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photos from left: Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Screen Gems/Sony, Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)


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