See The Most Hilarious #FirstOfAll Tweets Taking Over Twitter

See The Most Hilarious #FirstOfAll Tweets Taking Over Twitter

LOL-worthy shade for any situation.

Published October 23, 2017

Another day, another social media trend. #FirstOfAll has stormed the Twitterverse and produce some hilarious responses to almost any situation.

The hashtag is an opportunity for folks to throw shade (all in good fun) at uncomfortable situations we all can relate to. Scroll down for a good LOL. We promise you’ll want to share at least one — or all — of these!

  1. Calming a new boyfriend’s anxiety about your family
  2. Promoting safe sex
  3. When you don’t return that unwanted text
  4. When you need to be Politically Correct
  5. Dealing with Overprotective parents
  6. Complicated Economics Professors
  7. Having difficult conversations with your mother
  8. That one Interview question everyone hates
  9. Responding to exercise fanatics
  10. Breakup Clapbacks that hurt
  11. Concerning Facebook Posts
  12. The annoying 'WYD' Text
  13. When you're running late
  14. When Kim Kardshian says you NEED a Waist trainer

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Warner Bros Television)


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