Get To Know These Chocolate Zaddies Taking Over Social Media

Get To Know These Chocolate Zaddies Taking Over Social Media

Just in time for National Chocolate Day! You're welcome.

Published October 27, 2017

National Chocolate Day is Saturday (Oct. 28), and instead of celebrating it with a candy bar, we’ve decided to get you ready for the celebration with some serious eye-candy—the chocolate edition of course!

You recognize some of these snacks from social media fame, but we've rounded them up for you here so you can lurk to heart's content. Guaranteed, these hotties will not only melt your heart but we know you'll be more excited than ever about everyone’s favorite sweet, chocolate.  

  1. Model, Donnell Blaylock Jr.

    Known as "Chocolate Bae," Donnell Blaylock Jr. is the model who went viral for eating a Hershey bar. He is a chocolate man who loves chocolate!

  2. Personal Trainer, Jean Titus

    Youth definitely has no age limit with Mr. Jean Titus.

  3. Model, Lamont Johnson

    Known for his thick beard, Lamont Johnson is praise-worthy.

  4. Model, Kenneth Wilder

    A post shared by Kenneth (@k_ralpheal) on

    You might remember when Bossip sent praises to the "Melaniny Messiah" for bearded chocolate drop Kenneth Wilder.


  5. Graphic Designer, Jonathan Henderson

    Sometimes you're in the mood for a little milk chocolate and Jonathan Henderson is a yummy option.

  6. Actor, Travis Cure

    We'll just put this photo of Travis Cure right here. Lawd!

  7. Model, Mr. Ulysse

    A post shared by Mr. Ulysse (@richful_sinner4) on

    Mr. Ulysse--they call him the human chocolate bar. Yum!


  8. Personal Trainer, Royal G.

    A post shared by Royal G. (@royalelite_fit) on

    Meet Royal G. and you're welcome!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Marvin Bienaime/BIENAIME AGENCY)


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