Things You Can Do Other Than Growing a Beard to Support Movember

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Things You Can Do Other Than Growing a Beard to Support Movember

The other options are quite cool too, TBH.

Published November 6, 2017

Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. According to Movember Foundation, men die on average six years earlier than women. But you can be the difference and help change that startling stat. 

There are multiple ways to support this movement. If you are a guy, like me, and struggle to grow any sort of facial hair, you may want to check this out. To help bring awareness to Movember, BET STYLE reached out to the foundation to see what ways men can help support the only global charity focused solely on men’s health beyond growing a mustache.

You can, of course, grow a mustache

“Grow a Mo, save a Bro.” For 30 days during the month of November, men are being asked to grow out their mustache. The mustache represents a ribbon for men’s health.

You can move

Moving is easy. Set a distance goal that challenges you and then walk, run, cycle, swim or row toward it. Move a little or a lot, solo or in a team. It’s not about being the fittest or the fastest, it’s about having fun and doing good by raising funds along the way.

You can host

Whether it’s a golf tournament, band night or a dinner party, this Movember, get together to raise funds, make some noise and stop men who are dying too young by getting together for men’s health. Events can be fun and range from shave downs to karaoke.

You can sign-up at

The site will provide great insight and guidance to how you can further get involved. Whether it is joining an established campaign team, attending other members events to raise awareness to the cause or simply donating.

Written by Maurice Marcel

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