People Are Paying To Sit On Private Planes For Instagram Likes

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People Are Paying To Sit On Private Planes For Instagram Likes

And they're succeeding.

Published November 14, 2017

We all know our favorite celebs like Kim Kardashian, are always jetting around in private planes. But what about when you see someone you know for a fact isn't making Kim K money pop up on your Instagram feed with similar pics. How sway???

According to The Telegraph, regular folk are casually renting private planes for the low price of $244 for two hours. Yep, you read that right, just $244 (or 11,000 roubles). This Moscow-based photography company Private Jet Studios is allowing their customers to stunt for the 'Gram in their lavish jets.

You can set up a personal photoshoot on these private planes, but that's about it. Ready for the catch? Takeoff is not in your future because the plane remains on the ground the entire time. Still, that's a whole lot better than actually renting a private jet — which according to Pentastar Aviation costs upwards of $3,090 for the same amount of time — and you get some dope shots.

The fake-ness of it all doesn't stop there either. For an extra fee, you can book a professional photographer with Hollywood-style bright lights to really make your pics pop or even a videographer. The photos and videos can be taken inside and outside the plane posing with luxury products such as an expensive glass of champagne and fine wines. Yes, they have props, too.

Sounds like it's all about faking it until you make it. 

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Written by Brianna Allen

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