The World’s First Engagement Ring Phone Case Has Arrived

The World’s First Engagement Ring Phone Case Has Arrived

Millennials are taking marriage proposals to new levels.

Published November 15, 2017

Wedding proposals are clearly becoming even more extra than before, and with the growing need to share EVERYTHING these days, the first engagement ring phone case has been introduced to the world. Say goodbye to the little velvet box and hello to the iPhone phone case?  

The RokShok is a phone case that acts as both an engagement ring box and a phone case. It makes for the perfect (or pretty intrusive, depending on how you look at it) way to capture your special moment with your partner.

The world’s first #engagementring phone case! Pre-Order today!

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The RokShok works in three simple steps. First, you must have the RokShok attached to your phone like any other case. It looks like a battery pack phone case, so it doesn't look suspicious at all.

Then you press record to document the moment, and it even records the pre-proposal while the phone is in your hand, so you get the full experience. After your big proposal, the video is on your device ready to upload to social media to share with family and friends.

Although this proposal may not be intimate, it does ensure you have the perfect moment caught on camera and, of course, the plenty of likes, which is most important in 2017.

I mean, if you didn't do it for the 'Gram did it even happen?

Written by Brianna Allen

(Photo: Roy Hsu/Getty Images)


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