Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Didn't Invite Her Surrogate To Her Baby Shower

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Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Didn't Invite Her Surrogate To Her Baby Shower

Does she have a point?

Published November 16, 2017

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are gearing up for baby number three, and this past weekend, the mom-to-be threw herself a lavish baby shower to welcome the arrival of her second daughter (who will be born via surrogate in January).

At this point, we know the woman bearing Kim's child is a young Black woman who was paid a pretty decent amount to do so. But why wasn't the surrogate invited to Kim's shower? The reality star explained on The Real.

#TBT to the moment the world learned about Kim and Kanye's baby news with BET Breaks, above.

During her appearance on Thursday morning's episode of The Real, Kim explained to the ladies why she chose to exclude her surrogate from the festivities.

“I did not,” she said when asked by Loni Love whether she extended an invite to the young woman. “I introduced her to my family earlier that day, and I just thought … I don’t know, it was a weird decision to have to make.”

She went on to clarify, though, “Of course I would have wanted her to be there, and be a part of it, but I hadn’t really gone that far in explaining it to my kids yet."

Kim continued that her kids North and Saint still aren't aware that their baby sister is being delivered via surrogate, so she felt it was best to hold off from having her attend the event.

“So I have to figure that out first before they really see, and then if we’re celebrating, you know, her … I just wanted to celebrate the baby,” She explained. “I think I have to explain it to my kids first, and figure out how I’m going to explain it to them.”

Though she may not have been there for the celebration, don't get it twisted, there are no hard feelings between Kim and the woman carrying her child.

“I love her. I have the best relationship with my surrogate. She’s so nice,” she said. “She’s the perfect person to do this for my family.”

Catch up on Kardashian's baby news with BET Breaks, above.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


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