Women Created 'Sis, Is This Your Man?' Facebook Group To Catch Cheaters

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Women Created 'Sis, Is This Your Man?' Facebook Group To Catch Cheaters

Let's just say it worked a little *too* well.

Published November 20, 2017

Let's face it: cuffing SZN can often get the best of us. On one hand, it's just practical to boo up prior to winter. On the other hand, the arbitrary dating deadline can send some (read: us) into a panicked frenzy. 

Some women who were earnestly trying their best to navigate the dating draft found that their methods worked a little too well! Last week, reports started surfacing that a "Sis, Is This Your Man?" Facebook group existed, with the purpose being to crowdsource information on potential cheaters. Let's just say the system was effective, but now the very ladies that were searching for transparency have gotten themselves in hot water. 

At the height of its activity, the group had some 50,000 members. Ladies would upload pics of their boos in an attempt to see if any other female recognized him, attempting to catch the cheaters first-hand. It escalated when women did recognize said boos and would ask for further information, which extended to screenshots, videos and...nudes. This is where the trouble lies. According to Tennessee laws, it is illegal to share intimate photos of someone that they intended would remain private. So all the work and emotional labor these women went through could unfortunately land them with a misdemeanor.

The group has since been shut down, but not before it had some far-reaching impacts on couples and would-be cheaters. A woman who belonged to the group, who elected to remain anonymous, said the following to a local reporter: “A lot of domestic violence has probably gone up in the last 24 to 48 hours." The same news report said "there were posts specifically mentioning domestic violence happening because of the men being exposed in the group." However, they add that police have yet to confirm this link. 

Petition to replace "cuffing SZN" with "block his number and chill SZN"?

Written by BET Staff

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