WOW: Eniko Parrish's Post-Baby Snap Back Has Literally Left Us Speechless

Impossible to believe Kevin Hart's wife gave birth just five days ago.

Published November 25th

Eniko Parrish recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kenzo, however the baby pic she posted has us in awe about more than just her new child.

Kevin Hart’s wife took to Instagram to give us a picture of her son, but what was also noticeable was her CRAZY snapback.

It’s been well documented that Eniko was staying in shape during her pregnancy, but zammmn, this has to be one of the quickest back to pre-baby transformations we’ve seen in a minute.

Parrish also captioned her photo and says she would have another child if the right circumstances played out.

“A love like no other! ��,” she wrote. “Every ounce of pain was worth it ALL..Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!”

Simply impressive. See Eniko and baby Kenzo below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

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