LHHATL's Joseline Hernandez Reveals Dramatic 65-Pound Snapback

Baby Bonnie Bella isn't even a year old yet.

Published December 4th

Baby Bonnie Bella will be celebrating her first birthday later this month and, from the looks of Joseline Hernandez's recent Instagram post, the 31-year-old is completely back to her shapely ways!

Her snapback is real:

You go, girl! We can't say we're too surprised at her awesome transformation.

For one, Joseline has always had super abs and it's not like the reality star has been shy about sharing details about her fitness. Her Instagram feed is filled with workout videos, which gives some serious exercise motivation! 

The Puerto Rican princess attributes her 65-pound snapback to Results In 28 Days, an online workout program that promotes results in 28 days without the need of a gym or equipment. 

Notes taken...

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage)

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