Every Single Time Beyoncé Has Done 'Regular' People Things

from Maria Fernández Buda
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Every Single Time Beyoncé Has Done 'Regular' People Things

Even her regular is #flawless.

Published January 23rd

Beyoncé's perfection is a #flawless mystery. She's a megastar, yet her life is completely private except for what she wants your eyes to see. To this day, no one's found her Snapchat, her Instagram photos are always selective, her home life is a mystery and she changes her email address every week.

Called Queen (or King) Bey, the enigma of Yoncé causes an almost biblical following that gets stronger daily. Did we mention she's now an angelic tree topper? With so much intrigue surrounding the 36-year-old, you can imagine the big deal people made when a fan spotted her in Target, doing regular things like me and you. 

Here are other "regular" things Bey does:

  1. Carrying Homemade Cupcakes After a SoulCycle Class
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  2. Shopping at target
  3. going to SoulCycle Class
  4. photobombing bae
  5. on mommy duty

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  6. sitting amongst the crowd (not 1st row)

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  7. getting silly
  8. getting caught eating for two
  9. spending time with the moms

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  10. Going Makeup-less

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  11. Going For a Bike Ride

Written by Tweety Elitou

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