This Site Let's You 'Try Out' A Job Before Committing, With Salary And Benefits

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This Site Let's You 'Try Out' A Job Before Committing, With Salary And Benefits

New job, who dis?

Published December 18, 2017

Finding a new job is hard enough, but committing to one may be even harder. A new website called Opus was created by two women named Juliette Lim and Janice Yoshimura, who were also McKinsey analysts. The two thought internships would be a great solution, but Lim says "it's harder for adults to do a four-month stint when you already have student debt."

Since millennials are known to job hop frequently, this website is the perfect fit. It will let you try out a new job without the commitment and you still get benefits and a salary. This sounds like a win-win, no? 

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"The platform (which Lim constructed by teaching herself the coding basics of full stack developing) allows young professionals to sign up to work at different companies across industries and geographies for six to nine months at a time before committing to one employer full-time," according to Fast Company.

The goal is to craft a role with a partner company that will allow the young professional to obtain experience and contribute in a meaningful way. They will be placed in a rotation and receive a prorated salary and benefits. "Companies are open to trying it out if they know the candidate has the intent to go full-time," Lim shared.

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Opus is currently in a closed beta test stage and is entirely maintained by Juliette and Janice. They have secured early partnerships with large companies, smaller startups and nonprofits.

As of now, they are mainly pairing up candidates with management consulting jobs since that is where the experience is and they know how to market it. But they plan to include more roles and industries as the platform expands.

Written by Brianna Allen

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