Here's Every TMI Fact About Khloé Kardashian's Pregnancy So Far

Here's Every TMI Fact About Khloé Kardashian's Pregnancy So Far

Yes, it's totally safe for her to keep working out.

Published January 5, 2018

Khloe Kardashian has made a career off her willingness to share vulnerabilities with the whole world. Now that she's on her long-awaited journey toward becoming a mother, she's continuing to take her fans along for the ride — and this pregnancy may have already led to her most TMI admissions yet!

On a mini press tour now that the news is officially out, KhloMoney has spent some quality time with Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Kimmel over the past two days — and they both got some insight into her first pregnancy.

Designer Wardrobe > Maternity Clothes

On Ellen, Khlo revealed that the worst part, thus far, is already over: the first trimester. Once she was able to tell people and her stomach popped, she said she felt more comfortable — and less sick! She's also trying to not wear maternity clothes for as long as possible! She also revealed that she was out of breath after a short walk to her seat, citing that the "baby is on all my organs." Plus, she revealed that if it's a boy she'll probably name him Tristan Jr., but if it's a girl, it gets a little more complex.

'Shut The F**k Up' Is Her Response To Mommy Advice

From her Kimmel interview, we learned that she's getting plenty of unsolicited advice from her baby-having siblings, and in typical Koko fashion wants them all to "shut the f**k up." Health-conscious Kourtney has already tried to ban the fetus from playing with plastic toys upon its arrival, which resulted in some pushback from the second-youngest Kardashian, saying that she just wants to figure out everything for herself, which is fair!

Tristan Called It First

Koko says Tristan had an inkling she was preggo, which she thought was crazy. But it led to her taking the test, ultimately yielding positive results. She also revealed that the Keeping Up camera crew knew about her pregnancy for several weeks before she told family. Khloé plans to give birth in Cleveland and expects family members to turn up at the time of delivery, saying, "Watch out, Ohio!"

Unsolicited Preggo Workout Tips Are Not Welcome 

Just this past week, she faced backlash from mommyshamers who criticized her pregnant workouts. However, her exercise is under the supervision of a doctor and, according to him, working out is good for the baby and can lead to a healthier delivery. But, of course, everyone becomes an expert when they're in the comments section! It's never too late to mind your own business, folks.

Three months and counting until Khlo brings a bundle of joy into the world!

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