See How Oprah Handled Her Dog Being Afraid Of A Private Jet Flight

Oprah Winfrey and her dog visit Anastasia Salon on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, CA.
Pictured: Oprah Winfey and her dog
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See How Oprah Handled Her Dog Being Afraid Of A Private Jet Flight

She's the coolest dog mom.

Published January 5, 2018

They say a dog is a man's best friend. Well Oprah Winfrey's adorable golden retriever is hers! The media mogul traveled to Maui, Hawaii, with Stedman Graham, Gayle King and, of course, she couldn't forget her pup Luke. The crew celebrated the holidays and BFF Gayle's 63rd birthday.

Gayle posted a picture of Oprah comforting Luke to the 'gram with the caption, "Nervous flyer Luke on board! Mom to the rescue swipe left to see who mom is & how she makes everything better ..stars they’re just like US!" The dog mama came to the rescue to comfort and calm down her dog while on the flight.

Swipe below to see:

Oprah is a devoted dog owner as she calls them her "fur children." She has another golden retriever, Layla, in addition to Luke and also a cocker spaniel, Sadie, and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren.

She is total #DogMom goals.

Written by Brianna Allen

(Photo: Roshan Perera / Splash News)


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