'Imagine Then...BOOM!' Tweets Hilariously Take Over Twitter

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'Imagine Then...BOOM!' Tweets Hilariously Take Over Twitter

Try not to laugh. Just try.

Published January 19, 2018

Twitter stays blowing up with new tweets and hashtags!

There isn't a day that goes by where a celebrity (or president) isn't in the news for their latest tweet or clapback, while funny hashtags stay trending on our sidebar.

As we love to peep what others are thinking, we can't help but ask the question, are the Twitter trends becoming too much? Just think about it, we started with “first of all” tweets, now we're here with the Twitter trend “Imagine..Then BOOM” blowing up!

Take a look for yourself the biggest craze that's taking over the timelines:

Written by Tweety Elitou

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