WATCH! This Dad Breastfeeds His Baby Girl And Breaks The Internet

This Dad Breastfeeds His Baby Girl And Breaks The Internet

WATCH! This Dad Breastfeeds His Baby Girl And Breaks The Internet

Dad breastfeeds baby girl because he's always there for her

Published March 15, 2018

While Coco Austin is being dragged by social media for breastfeeding her "big girl," who is 2 years old, this dad is being praised for breastfeeding his baby girl.

As a dad, unfortunately there will be times when you'll have to experience the terror trying to keep a breastfed baby happy with nothing but a bottle. Yeah, it's pretty much impossible.

That was until a father of five went viral after revealing on Facebook a major breastfeeding hack that avoided a baby meltdown, saved his ears, and overall gave his baby girl the milk she was craving simply by cutting a hole in his shirt.

It's one of those things you need photos to understand:

(Photo: Anthony Favors / Caters News)

So what inspired the change? Turns out, Anthony Favors, the dad behind the "functional boob," had to figure something out to soothe his breastfed 10-month-old daughter, Lily'ahna, while wife Shalanda Favors was out working. Needless to say Lily'ahna is not very fond of bottles and needs the comfort of a breast. 

Looking for a solution to one of her outbursts, he decided to cut a small hole in his shirt and poked the teat of the bottle filled with his wife's breast milk through the gap.

Although, Lily'ahna started off "really confused at first," when Anthony squirted some of her mother's milk from the bottle, "she realized what it was and started drinking."

Success! See his baby hack in action:

Garnishing over 177k Facebook shares since Friday [March 9], it's clear that the dad was on to something with parents everywhere singing his praises. 

Feeling closer to his daughter than ever, Anthony shared his thoughts on feeling "like the best dad in the entire world."

"I see my wife breastfeed and I can see how hard it is. I'm so proud of her and everything she does. She is in so much pain sometimes especially when our babies are teething and biting while breastfeeding," Anthony told

"It makes me feel so good that I can give her a break from that and she doesn't need to worry when she needs to head out or go to work." 

He even went on to share that he would continue to "breast feed" his daughter "for as long as it takes," saying, "I'll always be there for her when she needs me."

He also had a message to other families:

"Mothers and fathers should both have equal responsibility for their children. It has given me so much confidence. I wish I had tried it on my other kids. It has made me feel so much closer to my baby girl."

Talk about a dedicated dad! Kudos to him!

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Anthony Favors / Caters News)


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