DAMNNN! Iggy Azalea Talks Setting Ex Nick Young's Designer Wardrobe On Fire

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 17:  Rapper Iggy Azalea (R) and athlete Nick Young attend the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/BMA2015/FilmMagic)

DAMNNN! Iggy Azalea Talks Setting Ex Nick Young's Designer Wardrobe On Fire

"I burned it all, darling!"

Published March 19, 2018

You may recall that Iggy Azalea was once engaged to NBA baller Nick Young, but following cheating allegations on his part, the pair split. In case you were wondering, the breakup wasn’t pretty. The rapper revealed she burned some of her ex's designer clothing on an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday. “I burned it all, darling!” she told Andy Cohen. Yikes!

Iggy even gave Nick a warning before she set his belongings ablaze. The warning came in the form of a video text she sent Nick telling him about his clothing’s’ impending doom.“I burned a lot, and I threw stuff into the pool too,” she added. “I started off with water and it just seemed like that didn't work.”

The WWHL host asked what was the most expensive thing she set flames to. “Every designer you can think of, I burned. See this is what I did. He was out, and I used to break stuff in our house and I realize I was breaking my own sh*t, like that's stupid, and he didn't care. So I was like, I'm going to find something you care about and I'm going to start destroying that, which was his clothes, and we had a fire pit outside, a nice fire pit you can put on with the gas,” replied Iggy.

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For scorned exes trying to follow Iggy’s lead, she offered this tip for torching a fuhk boi’s closet: “But I will say expensive doesn't burn well... all the Forever 21 just went," she said, before making a flame noise.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/BMA2015/FilmMagic)


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