Why The Internet Slut-Shaming This Spring Breaker For Viral 'A**-Licking' Video Is Not OK

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Why The Internet Slut-Shaming This Spring Breaker For Viral 'A**-Licking' Video Is Not OK

Double standards much?

Published March 20, 2018

Spring break—you can either love it or you can hate it. In the case of this women that’s recently found herself a viral hot topic, we’d think she’d take the latter.

Let’s catch you up...

In brief, the internet has come for Jamie Womack of North Carolina A&T State University, who recently went viral after she was recorded (possibly secretly) twerking and showing lots of body during spring Break in Miami.

While twerking is quite common when turning up during spring break, people got in their feelings when she let a random guy smack her butt and lean in for a lick.

Peep the video below that has over three million views and 12k retweets:

While we can’t see if the guy actually licked her (she claims he didn't), the internet dragged Jamie for filth after she asked the "ass-licking" culprit to take the 15-second clip down courtesy of screenshots posted by said ass-licker. It later came out that she was in a committed relationship with a longtime boyfriend, although she said she wasn't, and the slut-shamming only got more intense.

See the slut-shaming comments below:

What made matters worse the internet began to troll Jamie and her boyfriend, even going as far as to tag the boyfriend on Twitter to the video.

We didn't reach out to Jamie for a statement because she made it very clear on Twitter that there's no "story."

And we kind of agree with her. The story isn't the video itself, it's the bigger picture on the  double standards that still exist in 2018.

OK, we get it. That’s definitely not the way most would turn up when you have a boyfriend, but we have to ask: Would this be such a big deal if the roles were reverse? We can’t help but think it wouldn’t even be a conversation.

Hear us out. If a guy was recorded turning up with a random chick during spring break, no one would even care to investigate if he had a girlfriend. In fact, we wouldn’t even know about it, especially not on a viral level.

Isn’t this what Amber Rose’s SlutWalk is supposed to be about? According to Muva, slut-shaming is giving a woman a derogatory label after she has done, or it is assumed that she has done, something sexual. 

“Not knowing her sexual history at all, not that it even matters, but basically calling her a slut or a whore based on the fact that you are uncomfortable with who they are is slut-shaming,” Amber shared with BET Style exclusively.

It does look bad, but TBH we think the embarrassment she had to face from her boyfriend was enough for her to learn her lesson.

Just a thought.

Written by BET Staff

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