Wayment!: Could Gender-Less Babies Be The Future?

Two babies

Wayment!: Could Gender-Less Babies Be The Future?

Not him or her...Call them "They-bies".

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 5, 2018 / 06:27 PM

Have you fallen in love with the lavish reveal parties expectant mothers and fathers throw to announce the gender of their new baby?

Well enjoy them now because in the future the gender titles of “boy” and “girl” may be used few and far between in the future--instead enter a new word and concept, “Theybies”.

Confused? We’ll explain...

In a recent article in New York Magazine, a few hipster parents revealed that they choose to not use gender titling for their children and instead left their gender unmarked.

So pretty much the basic idea, it that kids are raised without gender designations at all. No blue for boys, no pink for girls. In fact, the gender of the child is not told, they are “gender-less” in effort to break any glass barriers that say they can only do "boy" stuff,  and "girl" stuff.

While the idea is getting mixed reviews,  Bobby McCullough a black man who describes himself as an “outspoken ally” of the trans community and father of a “Theyby” wonders why it was never done before:

“We wouldn’t tell somebody else how they should identify or who they should be or what they are,” McCullough shares with The CUT. “I’ve definitely had thoughts like, Why isn’t everybody doing this?”

While we are not too sure if this movement will continue to grow, don’t be so quick to call a newborn, “he” or “she” as you might get quickly corrected. Noted.

Written by BET Staff

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