Ciara & More On The SCARY Pregnancy Complications That Nobody Talks About

Ciara On The SCARY Pregnancy Complications That Nobody Talks About

Ciara & More On The SCARY Pregnancy Complications That Nobody Talks About

What you NTK about Diastasis Recti and other pregnancy complications.

Published April 13, 2018

We all have the preconceived expectation of pain when we think about pushing out our bundle of joys, because let’s be honest, it just comes with the territory when you're pregnant, but what no woman really expects is to experience health complications, especially after giving birth! 

Do you have any idea what Diastasis Recti is? Uh yeah, we didn't either. That is until Ciara schooled us and Instagram followers on the condition she suffered from after both pregnancies that had her struggling to regain her legendary core strength. She's not the only celeb momma who's had it rough.

See celebrity mommies who have experienced everything from swollen feet to more serious complications below.

  1. Ciara

    Mother-of-two, Ciara recently revealed on an Instagram post that she suffered from Diastasis Recti after both her pregnancies— a condition where the large abdominal muscles separate.

    “I have Diastastis Recti from both of my pregnancies, so I have to work extra hard to regain my core strength,” she shared on the post. “Determined. Let’s Go Mammas!”

    CiCi definitely didn't let that her experience stop her serious workout regimens! Inspiring.

  2. Serena Williams

    First time mommy, Serena Williams opened up in an interview with Vogue that her daughter was born via emergency C-section after her heart rate dove dangerously low during contractions.

    Her C-section then left her bedridden for six weeks after the wound popped open from the intense coughing spells caused by the pulmonary embolism, and it resulted in her having to go in for more surgery, where the doctors found a large hematoma had flooded her abdomen.

    Although, she was on bed rest for weeks, it didn't stop the new mom from getting back on her feet and serving us bawdy for the #LemonDanceChallenge. See her dance moves for yourself.

  3. Mariah Carey

    A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

    Mother-of-two, Mariah Carey developed gestational diabetes when she was preggo with her twins. She even experienced high blood pressure from preeclampsia which was the cause of her having a C-section delivery at 35 weeks. 

    "I was in a lot of pain because of the fact that they're twins ... I had a rough one ... I just want people to be prepared that it can happen where you go through a rough time when you're pregnant,” Mariah told Access Hollywood.

    "I did develop gestational diabetes. I'm good with that now, I'm OK, but you just have to be careful, nutritionally," she shared.

    From the looks of Mariah's glamour 'gram, she's definitely on the right path!


  4. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian has made it clear on numerous occasions that she experienced two potentially life-threatening conditions while carrying her two children with Kayne West—there was even a scare that she could have Gestational Diabetes which turned out to be a false alarm.

    ICYMI: On her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim documented having preeclampsia, which caused swelling in her body as well as placenta accreta—a condition in which "the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall," she shared on her website which resulted in her having to get her placenta surgically removed.

    "It was the most painful experience of my life!" she shared. "I still had a piece of placenta attached inside of me and I had to have surgery to remove it. Then I had another surgery to remove the scar tissue. This was all preventing me from getting pregnant the second time around." 

    Wow Kim! This explains why she opted to go surrogate with her third child.

  5. Chrissy Teigen

    Although, Chrissy Teigen did not necessary have complications during her first pregnancy with John Legend, the currently preggo mother revealed her struggle with postpartum depression in the an issue of Glamour Magazine with an open letter:

    "I looked at my doctor, and my eyes welled up because I was so tired of being in pain. Of sleeping on the couch. Of waking up throughout the night. Of throwing up. Of taking things out on the wrong people. Of not enjoying life. Of not seeing my friends. Of not having the energy to take my baby for a stroll. My doctor pulled out a book and started listing symptoms. And I was like, 'Yep, yep, yep.' I got my diagnosis: postpartum depression and anxiety. (The anxiety explains some of my physical symptoms.)"

    We are glad to see Chrissy being brave and beginning her journey with baby no. 2!

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