See What 14 Real Men Had To Say When Asked Candidly About Giving Oral Sex

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See What 14 Real Men Had To Say When Asked Candidly About Giving Oral Sex

An overwhelming amount of guys are #TeamKhaled!

Published May 9, 2018

If you find yourself asking, “What do DJ Khaled and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson know about oral sex?” Apparently, A LOT because they’ve both been very vocal about the subject.

Here’s what you need to know: An old interview of DJ Khaled discussing his thoughts on the act of ‘going down’ on his wife on The Breakfast Club resurfaced on the internet (thank you, internet!) that stirred up some folks. FYI, he refuses to perform oral sex on his wife essentially because as he put it, he’s "the man," and she should "praise him.” He also added because he buys her things.

Watch the clip for yourself:

Yikes! Well, after The Root tweeted the video The Rock chimed with this unsolicited but classic tweet that earned him the ultimate "W," in many people's eyes:

It’s clear by reactions on social media, DJ Khaled has the unpopular opinion, but there are guys out there who side with him. We went on mission to track these men down, as well as the guys who agree with The Rock and ask them to explain themselves.

The question: When it comes to oral sex, are you #TeamDJKhaled or #TeamTheRock?

  1. 'Part Of A Well-Balanced Diet'

    "I believe [in] eating the box is a part of a well-balanced diet. It’s all part of this lost human behavior called reciprocity. You have to cater to each other’s physical needs and if you both are into oral then do it, if it truly bothers one or the other than you shouldn’t force anyone to do what they really don’t like butttt not based on those out of date toxic masculinity “kings should be served bullshit” ideas.

    I’m with the Rock! Eat you some cocha, much on some box, kiss the pearl! Also, I feel like guys who don’t like to do it don’t know how to do it so maybe some education will help!" -Louis, 24 

  2. 'Never Again'

    "Team Khaled! I told my lady day one I wasn’t into it! I was traumatized as a teen with a girl and that time of the month. Yeah, never again!" -Terek, 31

  3. 'GTFOH'

    "Team Khaled! GTFOH, If I’m paying these bills. I have options." -Ryan, 21 

  4. 'If You Don't, Someone Else Will'

    "Team Rock! Especially since all my friends just admitted they have no problem being the other man who does it for her when her man won’t!  Savages!" -Maurice, 35

  5. 'I Got Demands'

    "Team Khaled. If I had that time of money, I would have that type of demands. I don’t know his wife, but I am sure she is living well." -Eric, 23

  6. 'Issa No For Open Reationships'

    "Team Rock. This is why there are so many open relationships!" -Mike, 29

  7. 'I Get It'

    "Khaled is rich, and takes care of her, her family and their situation so as long as he continues to do that then they won’t have a problem in their relationship. Team Khaled because I get it." -Anthony, 29

  8. 'Master Of Everything'

    "My younger self was of this similar mentality of DJ Khaled. Maybe not King-ish but selfish nonetheless. Now, at this current age and mindset I’m about mastering all performances. Team Rock!" -Frank, 27

  9. 'There's No Boundaries'

    "Team Rock! People that say stuff, like Khaled, are probably horrible at sex or better yet getting cheating on. When it comes to sex (ESPECIALLY WITHH YOUR WIFE!) there's no boundaries.

    In order to have the ultimate performance, you have to completely master the art of pleasure and satisfaction. And if he's not giving the ultimate performance, his wife is going to find it other ways." -Kendall, 26

  10. 'It Goes Both Ways'

    "I’m married and a king . It goes both ways.  I’m with team rock." -André, 36

  11. 'It's A Part Of Sex'

    "#TeamTheRock. I feel like it's a part of sex and should be done by both parties. For a guy not to do it is lowkey childish."  -Larry, 35


  12. 'He Should Get A Pass'

    "I just understood what I think he was trying to say. What I took from it was that Khaled believes that since he supports his wife, takes care of all the bills, the house, her vehicles, her clothes, her jewelry, etc. that he doesn’t feel obligated to go down on her.

    Since he takes care of home, she should at least be willing to meet all of his sexual favors. Basically, he should get a pass for not eating the box since he assures his wife that she’ll never have to work." –Antoine, 25

  13. 'Keep Your Woman Happy'

    "You gotta keep your woman happy. Penetration doesn’t always do it." Sean, 26

  14. 'It's A Huge Ego Stroke'

    "The Rock definitely because when with a woman intimately, to please her as she wishes will not only extend the relationship but strengthen it. I also find that when you are pleasing her makes you feel better. It's a huge ego stroke knowing that you give good love.

    It's not about being submissive or not being a man, performing oral sex it's just about sex. Do what makes you feel good and what makes your partner feel good. That's all that matters, and if you don't someone else will." -James, 28

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty Images; Isa Foltin/WireImage)


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