WATCH! Deelishis' PSA To The Trolls Body Shaming Her 19-Year-Old Daughter

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WATCH! Deelishis' PSA To The Trolls Body Shaming Her 19-Year-Old Daughter

"No she is not pregnant to the trolls who tried to reach for negative approach!!!!"

Published May 16, 2018

Chandra ‘Deelishis’ Davis, best known from the 00s hit show, Flavor of Love 2, may be use to folks judging for her relaity TV days or booty-shaming her on social media BUT don’t come for her daughter. The 40-year-old bootylicious star is mom to a gorgeous 19-year-old, Jasmine Davis who is a freshman at Spellman college. Beauty and brains!

Well, Deelishis was not happy when she shared this post of her and Jasmine with her followers promoting her 7-day wellness challenge. In the caption she explains how her daughter was self-conscious about the photo because she’s put on a couple extra pounds while away at school and wanted to join her for the challenge.

“I told her it’s called the #FabulousFreshman15 lol except when I was in college I gained 50 lbs ... either way she looks beautiful & she’s my awesome melanin Princess!!!”

Internet tolls proceeded to hit the comments to drag the teen for her barely-there weight gain saying she looked “pregnant”. Of course, Deelishis went full-on mama bear mode and delivered a PSA for the folks who came for her daughter.

Bloop. We are totally here for her warranted mommy rage since body shaming a young woman, especially one who has already expressed being self-conscious, is disgusting behavior. There you have it—don’t come for her daughter cause Deelishis will “verbally cut you”.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)


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