10 Seriously Hilarious Memes That Came Out Of #OaklandBBQ

Friends enjoying backyard barbecue

10 Seriously Hilarious Memes That Came Out Of #OaklandBBQ

The internet has zero-chill!

Published May 17, 2018

Black residents got the cops called on them by a white woman for throwing a (very small) cookout and then protested by throwing another (much larger) cookout.

Yes, that's a true story that happened a few weeks back in Oakland, CA and since the tale has gone viral—and so have the memes of the lady who called 911 on the low-key lituation. Black Twitter doesn’t hesitate to drag someone for their racist behavior, which seemingly was the situation here.

Before we get into these hilarious memes, watch the video of what went down:

Once word spread of the situation, what started out as an extremely small family BBQ turned into a neighborhood turn up.

Take a look:

Now see how the internet has turned this into some of the best memes ever:

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