Hol' Up! Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals She Was Addicted To Sex Toys In Her 20s

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Hol' Up! Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals She Was Addicted To Sex Toys In Her 20s

And yes, Willow was in the room when her mother said this.

Published June 11th

Jada Pinkett Smith is spilling all her sexual tea and letting her 17-year-old daughter know that she was addicted to sex toys!

On this week’s episode of Red Table Talk, the seasoned actress decided she wanted to have an honest discussion about sex and, much to her 64-year-old mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones’ surprise, she decided to include her daughter, Willow Smith, and her best friend, Telana Lynum.

Jada started off the episode by saying, "I think that people still have a very difficult time talking about sex, especially women. I did not want Willow to have shame of any kind. She needs to be at that table to hear it all."

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When Jada asked her daughter about her first introduction to sex, Willow revealed that it was actually walking in on her parents. By seeing them, she felt like she “overstepped a boundary.”

"It was in… I think Aspen,” Willow told her mom. “I came down to get some juice and I saw for a little moment and I ran away. I was like, 'Oh my god, this is so crazy, what did I just see?'”

Despite this, both Jada and Will Smith are open about talking about sex with their children. While Willow says that talks about sex with her father are always intellectual, Jada revealed she knew exactly when her son and stepson lost their virginity.

"I knew when they both lost their virginity. I sure did. That intuition. I knew the night Jaden lost his virginity and I had a moment with Trey in the kitchen. I looked at him and said, 'You had sex.' And he ran into the bathroom. He was embarrassed,” Jada said.

The women then began to discuss self-love and pleasuring yourself as a woman. Since Adrienne had Jada at a young age, as well as some negative sexual experiences, Jada’s grandmother taught her about self-pleasure when she was just 9 years old.

“My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that that pleasure was from me,” Jada explains. “She didn’t want me to fall into the hands of a man, and if he gave me pleasure, to think that that was him. And she taught me at 9!”

Jada even went on to say that after her introduction to sex toys, she became addicted to pleasuring herself and giving herself orgasms!

"I've had a lot of experience with sex toys -- lots," she began. "I gave myself multiples first. Multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point. Just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men. I actually feel like I went through kind of an addiction too with it. One day I was like, ‘enough.’ I was having, like, five orgasms a day. You can create so much pleasure, you just constantly want it."

Jada was open and willing to share these intimate details in order to let her daughter know it’s OK to be sexual, even though Willow revealed that her generation is definitely more open when it comes to female sexuality.

Check out the full video to this week’s 'Red Table Talk' below:

Written by Gina Conteh

(Photo: Gabriel Olsen/WireImage)


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