WATCH! Cardi B Shares Her Passion For Polar Bears With This PSA

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 07:  Pierre 'Pee' Thomas and Cardi B attend Pierre Thomas Birthday Celebration at Gold Room on June 7, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

WATCH! Cardi B Shares Her Passion For Polar Bears With This PSA

She's just a “regular, degular, shmegular" endangered species advocate.

Published June 13th

Cardi B’s passionate about a lot of things—making that shmoney, her man, Offset, her little sis, Henessey, and her favorite purple blankey. But this week we found out she’s passionate about polar bears! Who knew?

This whole time Cardi’s been following the plight of the Russian Arctic’s endangered polar bears. She posted a video to bring awareness to all saying that the “World Cup needs to cancel the team that Paddy Power is rooting for.” She concluded her rant with a simple, “I hate animal cruelty. F**k ya’ll!”

She’s referring to a PSA from Paddy Power dropped where they “spray painted” a polar bear to bring awareness to who they deemed was the unsung hero of the World Cup, the polar bears.

It turns out, however, that her rant, while noble, was premature. She soon realized that Paddy Power’s bold message was to raise awareness, fund new research and stir up a little controversy along the way. They never actually sprayed painted a polar bear but credited the realistic scene to special effects.

We’d say mission accomplished, since the soon-to-be mama immediately got in all in her feelings over the ad. She quickly cleared things up for her followers with another post, writing, “Paddy Power I’m gonna kill ya!!! So the whole time Paddy Power teamed up with Polar Bears International a organization to protect the pretty polar bears, all to help bring awareness to this cause!!!”

We’re totally here for endangered species activist Cardi! This is like the time we found out she was a political science enthusiast and knew all the presidents of the United States in order.

What other hidden passions do you have up your sleeve, Cardi?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)


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